Click to enlargeENTIRE Observation Point Trail UP on 2 DVDs

View the entire 4 mile Observation Point Trail in First Person Perspective,* from the Weeping Rock Trailhead to the top of Observation Point.

The 1 hour 47 minute video-hike takes you on a spectacular trail to one of the most scenic viewpoints in Zion National Park. Part of this hike leads through Echo Canyon.

* Visual TRAILGUIDE for trip planning. (Note: Your hiking-time may vary).

* A step-by-step "hike" for those unable to visit or to hike.

* To RELIVE your MEMORIES of your own Zion hiking adventures.

* Watch awesome ZION SCENERY while exercising. (With music, no narrations).

DISTANCE, TIMING and ELEVATION pop-ups at every half mile shows you which section of trail you're watching.

DVD chapter markers ("clickable" at every tenth of a mile), takes you to any location of your choice and makes trail navigation quick and easy.

* Filmed while hiking the trail, giving you the impression as if you're hiking yourself.

Entire Trail on DVD - continuous and uninterrupted!

TO ORDER, please send Check or Money Order to Hikealong Video Production, P.O. Box 81702, Las Vegas, NV 89180 USA